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Since our fiscal year runs from the International of one year to the Internationals of the following year, we are billing $40.00 in September for the 2016 annual dues. Any dues paid after Feb 1st, 2016 will be subject to a $10 late fee.
Name                                                          Spouse/Significant Other

Mailing Address

City, State, Zip



Fleet Affiliation

Boat Hull #      Boat Name

Annual Dues $40.00                                               $
(Includes TELL-Tale newsletter if no email address)
Late Fee after February, 1st $10.00                      $
Extra Skipper for registered boat
with current dues paid $5.00                                $
Associate Membership
(receives TELL-TALE only if no email) $5.00              $

Charter Fee for registered boat
(Must also pay annual dues) $10.00                           $

Registration of new boat
(Must also pay annual dues) $20.00                           $

Purchase of a registered boat
by a new member (Includes: New Membership,
Annual Dues, Handbook, Plans, etc.)
$60.00              $

Transfer of a registered boat
to another registered boat
by a new member (Called a simple transfer and
does not include plans, handbook, etc.)
$3.00             $

Copy of Measurement Certificate $5.00             $

Geary 18 Embroidered
Emblem Patch $2.50                    Qty          $

G-18 Long Boat Decal $2.00      Qty          $

G-18 Round Decal $1.25             Qty          $

The How-To Book $7.00             Qty          $

All Prices On the Above Five Items Are Plus Postage



Please print this completed form and include it with your payment.

Remit US Funds payable to: G 18 IYRA
Mail to:
Geary 18 International Yacht Racing Association
279 Sherwood Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

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